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Truck Driver Recruiting: 5 Ways to Recruit Drivers

Success as a truck driver recruiter is based on two things. Finding the best candidates for the job and doing it quickly. Recruiters have a limited budget and time with which to acquire top talent for their carriers. As a result, efficiency is essential in truck driver recruiting. The good news is that in this […]


3 Truck Driver Incentive Programs Ideas

Everyone wants to feel appreciated while at work, and truck drivers are no different. This is why having driver incentive and appreciation programs are so important for carriers looking to recruit and retain top talent. Here are some of the best types of truck driver incentive programs, the best practices for putting them in place, […]


Truck Platooning: The Future of Trucking?

By now, most people in the trucking industry have heard of self-driving trucks and the impact they’ll soon have on the industry. What people may not be aware of is probably the biggest application of self-driving trucks; truck platooning. Many experts view it as a huge step forward for fleets, both in terms of increased […]

What Rising Fuel Prices Mean for Truck Driver Recruiting

All across the country, skyrocketing fuel prices are taking their toll on everyone. Offices are extending work from home policies to save employees money, families are postponing summer road trips, and people are staying home whenever possible.   While the price hikes for consumer fuel are bad, it’s got nothing on the increase in diesel […]

How Stay Interviews Can Help Recruit Truck Drivers

While the trucking industry has been dealing with retention issues for years, the greater workforce is now feeling the sting of it as well. In what’s been dubbed the “Great Resignation”, employees in a number of industries are leaving their jobs in record numbers for greener pastures. One way that companies in these industries are […]

Why Truck Driver Feedback is the Key to Recruiting

The trucking industry is years into the “Driver Shortage”, and carriers are still having a difficult time hiring and retaining top talent. Drivers now have a lot of options for which carrier they work for, and they’re choosing to work for ones that have a proven track record of listening to their drivers.   That’s […]