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3 Reasons Truck Drivers Leave CDL Trucking Jobs

Carriers across the country are dealing with high turnover for CDL drivers. While the problem isn’t as severe as some news outlets would have you believe, truck drivers are leaving jobs (or the industry altogether) at a higher-than-average rate.   Carriers are spending effort, time, and money to attract drivers who may only stay with […]

10 Fleet Amenities to Help Attract Truck Drivers

Over the past few years, working from home has become increasingly popular in many industries. Companies that used to have brick and mortar offices are finding it better for their finances and their employees’ happiness to switch to a work from home model.  For obvious reasons, this isn’t a possibility in the trucking industry. But […]

5 Tips to Recruit Millennial Truck Drivers

Carriers that recruit millennial truck drivers not only bring talented and enthusiastic new people to the company, but potentially set up loyalty for years to come. But be careful—millennials value different things than the average truck driver. You won’t attract millennials to the industry by practicing business as usual, and you won’t retain them if they don’t feel […]


What’s the True Cost of Hiring a Truck Driver?

There are many metrics that a carrier can use to measure its hiring success. Some metrics are more well defined and simple like time to hire, while others are more subjective and harder to wrangle, like driver happiness.   But no matter what metrics you look at, the dollars spent to hire a candidate is traditionally thought of […]

Drive My Way Hires Freddie Grande as Sales Account Executive

Drive My Way announced that Freddie Grande has joined their team as a Sales Account Executive. Drive My Way matches CDL and non-CDL truck drivers and owner operators with jobs based on their professional qualifications and personal lifestyle preferences. Freddie brings more than a decade of experience in the transportation industry and a very strong […]

3 Tips to Attract, Hire, and Retain Truck Drivers

Now more than ever, the ability for carriers to retain truck drivers is key. As the labor market continues to tighten, companies need to reevaluate their recruiting and retention strategies for finding and keeping qualified drivers.  Some carriers have tried offering large sign-on bonuses as a fix-all for recruiting and retaining drivers. Too many are […]

How to Have a Great Truck Driver Award Program

It’s human nature for people to want to be recognized for their achievements, especially in the workplace. And while truck drivers don’t operate in a traditional “workplace” like an office, that doesn’t mean that they don’t want to be recognized for all the hard work they do week in and week out.  If your carrier […]

How the Semi Truck Shortage is Affecting Truck Driver Recruiting

In the trucking industry, we hear a lot about a shortage of truck drivers and how that’s to blame for a lot of the logistics holdups our country is facing. While hiring and retaining truck drivers is definitely an issue that a lot of carriers are facing, there’s another that’s proving to be just as […]

3 Ways to Lower Your Cost Per Hire for CDL Drivers

For driver recruiters, there are few metrics more important than cost per hire (CPH). For many recruiting and HR departments, it’s what defines their success to decision makers in the organization. Because of this, driver recruiters are always looking for ways to lower their CPH without having the candidate experience suffer. Here are 3 ways […]

Is the Truck Driver Shortage Real?

For the better part of ten years, the trucking industry has been faced with what’s commonly been called a “truck driver shortage”. The thought is that there’s simply not enough drivers to fill the open positions that trucking companies have.   Only recently have people started to challenge that narrative and ask themselves, “Is the […]