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Get Instantly Matched with the Right Drivers on Drive My Way!

Just because a driver is experienced and qualified, doesn't mean that they want to do your type of job. Our driver-centric approach helps you learn what drivers want most.

Don't waste time screening thousands of drivers who don't meet your criteria. Learn how our technology quickly matches you with drivers that fit your needs.

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We understand how hard it can be to find just the right driver for your job.  That’s why we match your unique needs with each driver’s professional qualifications and personal lifestyle preferences - saving you time, expediting the process and allowing you to focus on the most important part, assessment and selection.

Here’s how it works:
Step 1
Create a company profile and post your jobs, highlighting the unique requirements, benefits and other perks for each job.
Step 2
Our Match My Way technology lets you and the driver know how well you match to each job. We facilitate the posting, sourcing and screening process, allowing you to focus on the most important step, assessment and selection.
Step 3
Our technology allows you to review your matches, instantly take action, communicate directly with drivers and export driver data directly into most Applicant Tracking Systems, seamlessly integrating with your hiring process.
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Save time searching for qualified drivers.

No more wasting precious time and money searching for drivers that meet your needs.  Drive My Way provides you with access to thousands of drivers; matching you in real-time with only those that fit the specific criteria for your job.

Instantly find the right drivers for your job.

Our Match My Way technology does the screening for you by matching driver preferences with your job requirements.  It lets you and the driver know how well you match before entering the hiring process and ranks matches to help prioritize who to contact.

Hire qualified truck drivers with ease.

Communicate directly with drivers using our communication tools and send the driver's DOT application directly into your applicant tracking system.  Dedicated matchmakers are available to help you contact drivers and increase driver engagement if needed.

Create lasting one-to-one relationships.

Our focus on matching your needs with driver preferences leads to more meaningful relationships.  Everyone wins! You find drivers that meet your needs and drivers find jobs that fit their lifestyles.

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“I started using Drive My Way only two weeks ago and I am having great success. I have already hired one driver and I am working to add two more very soon. The site has been easy to use, efficient and cost effective.”


Chuck Pointer

Logistics Coordinator/Recruiter

“In my first few weeks using Drive My Way, I was able to hire a great driver. It was so easy.”


Joe Hammerslough

Business Development Manager

“This is a great site and so cost effective. They have a refreshing way of matching drivers to your job requirements, saving time and increasing efficiencies. We found two great drivers with our first posting and plan to continue.”


Matt Hughey

General Manager

Beth Potratz

Beth Potratz

Founder, President and CEO

Our founder and CEO, Beth Potratz understands the competitive recruitment marketplace. She founded Drive My Way out of her deep belief that every person is a consumer in their search for employment with specific needs that change throughout the duration of their career.  Beth has a passion for helping people find a meaningful career that fits their lifestyle.  Simply put, she believes that you can love what you are doing, while making a living! Drive My Way’s vision is to empower drivers to live the life they deserve, while doing a job they love.

With more than 25 years’ experience in HR, talent management, transportation and supply chain logistics, Beth has held senior positions at Helene Curtis, Rockwell Automation and Unilever and served as an HR consultant for many organizations in a variety of industries. She earned a master of labor relations and human resources and a bachelor of arts in organizational communication. Beth is from Cleveland, Ohio and enjoys spending time with her husband and two daughters.

[fa icon="plus-square"] How is Drive My Way different than other employment search sites?
Our Match My Way technology matches drivers based on their professional qualifications and personal life-style preferences, such as type of haul, type of run, home time, benefits and other employment offerings. Both drivers and employers know how well they match, on a scale of 1 to 10, before entering the hiring process. As a result, you will find drivers whose qualifications and personal preferences best fit your job openings.
[fa icon="plus-square"] By using Drive My Way, what are the biggest benefits to me as an employer?
We save you time and money. Our Match My Way technology filters through our driver database and matches your jobs with the right driver, saving you time. And because we match drivers with the right job for them and employers with the right driver for the job we are able to increase job satisfaction, lower turnover and save you money! Even more beneficial, with an active post you will have access to our extensive driver database which grows every day!
[fa icon="plus-square"] How do you match our open positions with Drivers?
Employers post jobs and identify key attributes of their ideal driver candidates. Drivers choose from 23 personal preferences and attributes that they are looking for in a job. Our Match My Way technology filters through our driver and employer database and matches drivers to open positions on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the perfect match.
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