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Avoid These 4 Mistakes to Retain Women Truck Drivers

The amount of organizations across the nation that are striving to attract and retain women truck drivers will only continue to increase. However, in order to achieve this, employers must make a few changes to how they are approaching recruiting women truckers. Avoid these 4 mistakes to attract and retain women truck drivers. 1. Not […]

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Bad Dispatchers Contribute to the Truck Driver Shortage

Organizations across the country are rethinking their hiring and retention strategies for truck drivers. They are revamping benefit programs. They are making sure their compensation is competitive in the market. They are putting bonus and incentive programs in place. But what about taking a closer look at the relationship between dispatchers and drivers?

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3 Reasons Truck Drivers Leave CDL Trucking Jobs

For the last several years, employers across the country are trying to reverse the problem and understand why truck drivers leave CDL trucking jobs. The truck driver shortage has caused employers to constantly reevaluate and improve how they attract, hire, and retain truck drivers. An abundance of effort, time, and money is often spent to find and hire a […]

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Fleet Amenities: A New Way to Attract Truck Drivers

A great way for companies to stay competitive in today’s hiring market is to offer unique benefits that prove to drivers that they are willing to go above and beyond. Companies can stand out from the competition by investing in fleet amenity upgrades in order to create a more comfortable, home-like atmosphere in the cab.