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4 Reasons to Contact Truck Drivers Faster

As a recruiter, you get barraged with job applications. The ratio of job applications for each open position can be overwhelming for recruiters to deal with. Sifting through dozens of applications and remembering each and every candidate can be exhausting, not to mention time-consuming. Yet, it can be extremely helpful to contact truck drivers faster […]

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What Do CDL Truck Drivers Want? Here Are 7 Top Factors

Given the continual driver shortage, truck drivers have many options in deciding which companies and fleets to work for. Recruiters need to constantly differentiate themselves from other firms when interacting with job prospects. Recruiters are constantly guessing about how much drivers will care about different factors when weighing job options. Data from Drive My Way’s […]

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6 Components To Include in a Driver Engagement Survey

Employee surveys are becoming a popular and strong way to measure the engagement and satisfaction with the job. A driver engagement survey can help employees understand performance and retention. Collecting data directly from employees also allows drivers to better communicate their goals and motivations. We surveyed our driver community on Facebook, and the majority of […]

Reach More Truck Drivers with Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is changing the landscape of how to effectively reach, attract, and convert drivers to a company. Today’s technology allows for new possibilities in marketing that were unthinkable only a few years ago. Using the latest digital marketing techniques can make it easier to reach more drivers, capture their attention, and start the recruitment […]

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7 Truck Driver Stats Every Employer Should Know

“Know your audience” is one of the key mantras of the business world now, regardless of which industry or market one is in. Truck drivers are the lifeblood of the transportation industry. They literally connect the industry’s different players together through the mobile nature of their workers. Knowing more about the average truck driver and […]

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4 Tips for Recruiting Truck Drivers

Given the shortage of drivers currently facing the truck industry, there’s a constant need to keep recruiting truck drivers. Hiring, training, and retaining drivers over the long-term is crucially important. At the end of the day, it all begins with recruitment of the right candidates. If you can’t attract talent and recruit them into the […]