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How to Differentiate as a Smaller Carrier

Small businesses are the backbone of America and that goes for small freight carriers too. The trucking industry has become highly competitive, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for a small freight carrier to stand out against the big, corporate companies. In fact, smaller carriers have some unique capabilities that actually make them more […]


Key Benefits of Hiring a Student Truck Driver

As your recruiting department begins to plan for 2024, there are several different types of candidates to consider ensuring that you not only have a fresh pool of talent, but have positions filled as soon as they become available. One of the most overlooked types of candidates is a student truck driver. There are several […]


How’s My Driving? Most Common Complaints Made About Drivers and How to Approach Your Team About Them

It’s no secret that trucking is a tough career. With long hours spent on the road, many truckers deal with ongoing issues concerning fatigue, mental health problems, loneliness, and physical ailments. This level of exhaustion and stress can often lead to truck driver errors, as can inexperience, and driving under new conditions. Truck drivers are […]


How to Set Your Truck Drivers Up for Success

Nearly every truck driver can tell a story about taking a job with a company that does not provide them with the tools and resources they need to be successful. Whether it’s poorly maintained trucks or a confusing onboarding process, there are some clear indicating factors that will impact a company’s driver retention rate. Truck […]

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Have You Considered a Driver Waitlist?

Every carrier has their own approach to recruiting and hiring truck drivers, but in today’s competitive market, it is important to remain open to fresh ideas and unique approaches. One concept that has become popular amongst carriers is the idea of waitlisting. When a company puts qualified truck driving candidates on a waitlist, they can […]


Pros and Cons of Installing Driver-Facing Cameras

If you were to ask trucking company executives what keeps them up at night, many would say the safety of their fleet. Safety has always been a top concern for employers across the board, but has become increasingly prevalent with the amount of traffic on the roads and number of incidents involving passenger vehicles and […]