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Avoid These 4 Mistakes to Attract and Retain Women Truck Drivers

Feb 13, 2019 12:59:52 PM


The amount of organizations across the nation that are striving to attract and retain women truck drivers will only continue to increase. However, in order to achieve this, employers must make a few changes to how they are approaching recruiting women truckers.

Avoid these 4 mistakes to attract and retain women truck drivers:

1. Not offering flexible work options

Employers are able to get their drivers home more often by offering more local opportunities or implementing software that enables smart route scheduling. This is especially attractive to women drivers who are seeking a position that offers more work-life balance. 

2. Not showcasing women in recruiting language and imagery

In order to hire more women truck drivers, employers need to communicate this mission. When advertising trucking jobs, it's important to remember to also feature women drivers in imagery. In addition, evolving the voice used for recruiting messaging will allow organizations to appeal to more women as well.

3. Not offering advancement options for women

Companies that have women in leadership roles will oftentimes attract more women truck drivers as they see firsthand that women are welcome and capable of advancing in the organization. In addition, organizations that implement programs that specifically focus on engaging and advancing women will see a better response in driver retention than organizations who do not.

4. Not asking for feedback from women drivers 

Like all drivers, women truckers enjoy sharing their opinion about their level of job satisfaction and future outlook on their position. Companies that fall victim to not asking for feedback from their women drivers will miss the opportunity to know what's working well and what needs to be improved. 

Avoiding these 4 mistakes will help ensure that employers are evolving their company culture to embrace and support women truckers.


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