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Truck Driver Recruiting: Then vs. Now

The trucking industry has been essential to the US economy for nearly a century, which means that drivers, recruiters, and industry experts have seen many trends come and go over the years. This is why with advancements in technology, new legislation, and a vacillating economy, it’s more important than ever to stay up to date […]

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Hiring Drivers? Read These 5 Important Tips to Set Realistic Recruiting Goals 

Recruiting truck drivers can be tricky. With the ongoing driver and freight shortages, coupled with evolving hiring practices industry wide, it is important to have clear standards and policies that follow realistic and measurable recruiting goals.     Every company has different hiring practices depending on fleet size and capability, so setting realistic recruiting goals is […]


5 Key Elements of an Effective Fleet Safety Program

Truck driving is one of the most dangerous jobs in America. In 2017, workers in the trucking industry experienced more fatalities than any other occupation. A successful fleet safety program minimizes the risk of crashes due to unsafe driving practices and can safeguard employers against costly legal liabilities.   Building a culture of workplace safety starts […]

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4 Tips for Recruiting Truck Drivers

If the ongoing  shortage of truck drivers  has made one thing clear, it’s that recruiting and retaining drivers is more important than ever. Hiring, training, and retaining dedicated drivers is crucial to finding success in today’s economy, and it all starts with the recruitment of the right candidates for the job.   Struggling to attract talent […]