Platform Waste

Platform Waste Solutions is a sustainability-focused waste management platform. They employ CDL A and CDL B drivers to run residential, commercial, and industrial waste management services in Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, and Texas.

Platform Waste Solutions partnered with Drive My Way in January of 2023 with a need to fill local waste transportation positions in selected areas of the southern United States. Platform Waste Solutions has continued hiring with Drive My Way, and recently hit their lowest number of open job positions in a long time thanks to collaboration with Drive My Way’s Customer Success team.  Platform Waste Solutions has managed to reach a high hiring rate while maintaining a low cost per hire.

Platform Waste Solutions Partners with Drive My Way for Success

Platform Waste Solutions partnered with Drive My Way to support their increasing demand for Local CDL A and B waste transportation drivers. Drive My Way was able to offer a hiring solution carefully tailored to their job needs and geographic scope to increase hiring success. Platform Waste Solutions continues to experience success with high-priority hiring goals and pre-qualified leads at a low cost per hire.