CEVA Logistics

Drive My Way works with clients across a wide range of sectors. One of our premier clients, CEVA Logistics, is an industry leader in first and final mile deliveries.  Their fleet carries 22.5 million tons of ground freight and has a global presence in more than 170 countries. In addition, the majority of their gross revenue comes from top companies, and their many independent contractors offer top customer service.

CEVA Logistics partnered with Drive My Way in March of 2022 with a need to fill a range of final mile delivery drivers positions throughout the United States. They have continued to partner with Drive My Way for final mile delivery driver positions with a particular focus on partnering with independent contractors. Throughout this partnership, Drive My Way continues to expedite and streamline their hiring process by identifying and nurturing qualified leads.

CEVA Logistics Partners with Drive My Way for Success

CEVA Logistics partnered with Drive My Way to support their increasing demand for final mile delivery owner operators throughout the United States. Drive My Way was able to offer a custom solution and a TenStreet integration to optimize their hiring process.  CEVA Logistics continues to experience success with high-priority hiring goals through the pre-qualified leads generated by Drive My Way.