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Employer FAQs

[fa icon="plus-square"] How is Drive My Way different than other employment search sites?
Our Match My Way technology matches drivers based on their qualifications and personal preferences with available job opportunities. Both drivers and employers know how well they match, on a scale of 1 to 10, before entering the hiring process. As a result, you will find drivers whose qualifications and personal preferences best fit your job openings.
[fa icon="plus-square"] By using Drive My Way, what are the biggest benefits to me as an employer?
We save you time and money. Our Match My Way technology filters through our driver database and matches your jobs with the right driver, saving you time. And because we match drivers with the right job for them and employers with the right driver for the job we are able to increase job satisfaction, lower turnover and save you money! Even more beneficial, with an active post you will have access to our extensive driver database which grows every day!
[fa icon="plus-square"] How do you match our open positions with drivers?
Employers post jobs and identify key attributes of their ideal driver candidates. Drivers choose from 23 personal preferences and attributes that they are looking for in a job. Our Match My Way technology filters through our driver and employer database and matches drivers to open positions on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the perfect match.
[fa icon="plus-square"] Do we have access to the drivers in your database?
With all of our plans, you are able to search our entire database of drivers. With the Cruising plan and higher, you are able to search and contact the entire database.
[fa icon="plus-square"] Is there a long term commitment?
No. You can cancel your plan at any time.
[fa icon="plus-square"] How do drivers find my job posting on your site?
Drivers are notified when they match to open jobs. Drivers can also search for specific employers and have access to all available jobs within our database.
[fa icon="plus-square"] How much does it cost?
Drive My Way is extremely cost effective. For more information on pricing contact us.
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