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3 Tips for Your Lead to Hire Process

Everyone knows the trucking industry is a driver’s market. Drivers get to choose between competing carriers which offer different pay, benefits, and home time. They will also likely choose whichever carrier presents them a good offer the soonest. Drivers will want to be hired soon to get that next paycheck. The carrier which can convert […]


Is Your Trucking Equipment Helping or Hurting Drivers?

Attracting and retaining the best truck drivers requires many things from trucking carriers. Carriers compete over providing better pay, greater benefits, and more home time. There may be one factor which carriers are forgetting: the quality of their trucking equipment. Using the right equipment can increase driver satisfaction and improve your carrier’s efficiency. In fact, […]


Brand Awareness: How It Attracts Great Drivers

Your company’s brand is one of your biggest assets in attracting and recruiting great drivers. Or, if your brand is weak, it’s one of your biggest liabilities. Sometimes trucking recruiters are so focused on providing better benefits than the competition, that they forget that their own unique brand is something others can’t compete with. Each […]

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6 Ideas for Improving Driver Satisfaction

Recruiters know that truck driver satisfaction is essential to ensuring long-term retention. Sometimes, we naively believe that good pay, benefits, and home time are the perfect satisfaction recipe. A 2017 study by TruckersReport.com, along with software firm OdinText, showed that this isn’t the case at all! The study used text analysis to evaluate comments on […]

New Hours of Service Proposed Rule: Here’s What to Know

You may have heard of the recent hours of service proposed rule by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). On Aug 14, the agency issued a long-awaited proposal intended to put more power back in the hands of drivers to make decisions about safety. The FMCSA has been working on the new HOS proposed […]