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Our Vision

“To empower truck drivers to live the life they deserve, while doing a job they love.”

This vision guides our every action. Drive My Way represents the intersection between a driver’s lifestyle and career. At Drive My Way, we believe that you can love what you are doing, while making a living! 

Our Mission

“Matching truck drivers to jobs, changing lives and creating value for drivers, carriers and all those they serve.”

Our mission also manifests itself in everything we do, from personalizing the recruiting experience; matching on lifestyle preferences; pushing matches to both the driver and carrier; allowing drivers to control access to their own data; and creating value for customers as they save time, increase revenue by expediting the hiring process and improve retention by focusing on best fit. 

What We Do

Drive My Way is a unique, personalized recruiting marketplace powered by a platform that matches Commercial Drivers Licensed (CDL) truck drivers and owner operators with available jobs based on their professional qualifications and personal lifestyle preferences, such as schedule, type of haul, type of run, paid time off and other benefits.  Drive My Way is passionate about personalizing the recruitment experience for both drivers and carriers — matching drivers with jobs that will allow them to live the lives that they want and matching carriers with talent that is both qualified and engaged.

Unlike many other careers, truck driving is a career in which one’s job and lifestyle are inextricably connected; not every driver wants the same thing. In addition, the types of carriers and job requirements vary. Drive My Way’s proprietary and patent-protected technology and driver-centric approach simplifies the hiring process for both the driver and the carrier. It lets both know how well they match to each job before entering the hiring process; shifting the focus from quantity and volume to quality and best fit.

Drive My Way is also committed to building a community that celebrates and supports all truck drivers; providing valuable driver resources and partnering to help carriers focus on quality of hire, increased engagement and retention.

With our growing community of members and a robust online presence across all of our social media channels fueled by blog content and e-newsletters, Drive My Way offers an array of tailored digital and social marketing services designed to source specific types of drivers based upon a carrier’s unique needs, such as geography, required endorsements, type of haul, equipment, etc.

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